Standards Vol.1 Cover.jpg

Standards, Vol. 1

by Charlie Christenson

Release date November 18th, 2016.

Volume One of the new Standards Trio series from jazz vocalist, Charlie Christenson, focuses on spritely straight-eighth latin tunes and slow, chill ballads. Featuring Matt Edlund on drums and Graydon Peterson on bass. With no overdubs, auto-tune or general studio-trickery, this is a return to a classic, honest form of recording. The perfection lies not in how technically perfect the performances are, but how directly it captures the moment. Hopefully folks still enjoy listening to musicians who really listen to each other.

Engineered and mixed by Peter Remiger. Mastered by Gene Paul, G&J Audio.

Keep an eye out for Vol. 2 which consists entirely of swing tunes this Spring 2017.