{Look closely. The beautiful may be small.} 
Immanuel Kant


"Shipwreckee, if it existed as a sight and not an album, would be the filtered rays of sunlight beating down on a coastal town on a foggy morning… Throughout his approximately 25 minutes, Christenson doles out heavy ruminations of loneliness, spiritual abandonment and, blessedly, rebirth." - theequalground

Credits: All songs by Charlie Christenson.
CC, voice & keyboards; Matt Edlund, drums; Adam Meckler, trumpet; Lizzy Herder, voice.
Peter Remiger, mix and engineering; Bruce Templeton, mastering.
Biophilia Records, NYC. © 2013


Standards, Vol. 2 from vocalist Charlie Christenson is a continuation of the striped-down, authentic vocal jazz standards work this group started earlier in 2016. This volume focuses on swing tunes.

Charlie Christenson, voice
Matt Edlund, drums
Graydon Peterson, bass

Standards, Vol. 1

Standards, Vol. 1 by vocalist Charlie Christenson focuses on clear, spare straight-eighth latin tunes and chilled-out ballads with no overdubs, auto-tune or general studio-trickery. This is a return to a classic, honest method of recording. 

The perfection lies not in how technically flawless the performances are, but how directly it captures the moment. Hopefully folks still enjoy listening to musicians who really listen to each other.

Charlie Christenson, voice
Matt Edlund, drums
Graydon Peterson, bass

Credits: CC, voice; Matt Edlund, drums; Graydon Peterson, bass; Peter Remiger, mix and engineer; Gene Paul, master; Jazz, all songs and inspiration and American ART.

Holiday Music

Every year it seems, Charlie's writing some new holiday music. Check out some of the highlights below.